Which MBA course is best? | Best MBA courses in India

MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the most professional course of the world. MBA is top most famous course among all students, whether they completed graduation in any stream, Arts, Commerce, science or engineering background,

but students before taking admission to MBA courses, most of students has confused, about which MBA specialization is based on for their careers growth and quick success in their life, because there are 12 MBA a specialization available in India which is:

  1. MBA in digital marketing 
  2. MBA in business analytics
  3. MBA in data analytics
  4. MBA in entrepreneurship
  5. MBA in finance
  6. MBA in strategy
  7. MBA in international business
  8. MBA in human Resources management 
  9. MBA in risk management
  10. MBA in operation

But among these I will tell today, top 5 MBA specialization courses, which is best for your careers growth and mostly available data in the recent 5 years.

The maximum number of the students starts their career with high growth, and this top 5 MBA specialisation is top specialisation in which the maximum ratio of Management aspirants took admissions and got highest package.

Which MBA course is best?
Which MBA course is best?

Which MBA course is best?

  • MBA in Finance 
  • MBA in Marketing 
  • MBA in Operations 
  • MBA in International Businesses
  • MBA in Human Resources 

MBA in Finance 

MBA in finance is the top of the most MBA specialisations selected by the students, because of there are numbers possibilities for employment when we talk in the field of finance sector.

As per data last 5 years top rankers, select to a start career in MBA in finance. As per data available in the internet last 2 to 3 years after completed MBA in finance, student got highest package, they received 12 lakhs to 25 lakhs per annum, so student first choice is MBA in finance.

MBA in finance students can learn deep knowledge related to the various fact of finance such as managements, control of finance, assessment of collection, investments and the resources available in the market.

MBA in Financial has 2 year courses of MBA post graduate courses that’s the student understand for various management role and control in finance. Various specializations of finance focus on the management and control financial recourses of the management.

MBA Finance Job Roles

  • Finance Advisor
  • Financial planners 
  • Budget analyst

MBA in Marketing

MBA in marketing also top most specialization among the MBA graduates in India actually marketing is a hard core front end, dynamic and competitive program, where a student has generate more opportunities to growth their careers,

because of marketing is totally advertising, market research, media, sales and distribution of service marketing. Top rankers select marketing courses and got highest package. As per data available in the internet last few years a student got 8 lakhs to 15 lakhs per annum salary package.

An MBA in marketing is the branch of the MBA courses in which students get how to create, promote, and also managed the price of the products as well as services.

In the courses of MBA in digital marketing students can learn depth knowledge of customer’s behavior and the tools that solve the customer’s needs, and also learn to communicate to client as well as customers.

Name of the roles that students got after completing an MBA in marketing 

  • Marketing manager
  • Market research analyst 
  • Market communication manager
  • Sales and marketing director

 MBA in Operations

MBA in operation is the best specialization when a student took admitted in MBA courses, because of MBA in operation trend the student in skill to develop production management and shop floor Management, which is very important in today’s industrial sector.

Because of this reason, MBA in operations got the highest package. As per data available in the internet last few years, MBA in operations got 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum average salary package.

MBA Operations management is a specialization of MBA courses. MBA Operations management is 2 years post graduate courses which are mostly focus on planning, organizing and supervising the launching of products or services.

MBA operations management is becoming more important with the growth of E-commerce. High production abilities and the need for spreading all products across the planet provide great scope for MBA Operations management.

MBA Operations Job Roles

  • Operation manager 
  • Supply Chain Manager 
  • General Operations manager 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Human Resources manager 
  • Data Analyst 
  • Logistics manager 
  • Area Operations manager 
  • Quality manager
  • Human Resources Head

MBA in International Businesses

MBA in international business has best options for the MBA aspirants before taking admission in MBA, because of as per data available on the Internet MBA in international business has high growth rate.

Because of MBA in international business has chance to grow through their career in the international market. When we talk about the salary package, as per data available student got 12 lakhs to 24 lakhs per annum average salary package.

MBA in international business is a branch of MBA which is completed in 2 years postgraduate course in which student can learn how to business global level and this courses also learn by the student how to make management decisions in international business and knowledge of foreign policies, trade, foreign investment, export management, foreign Risk Management, etc.

MBA International Business Job roles

  • Risk management Director 
  • Corporate director
  • Real estate development management 
  • Marketing sales Executive 
  • Government affairs director 
  • Business development manager 
  • Supply chain management director 
  • Business analytics manager 
  • Chief executive officer
  • Information security director 

MBA in Human Resources

MBA in human resource is one of the trickiest Jobs available in the corporate sector. Every company needs human resource to collect or refine the candidate requirement,

so MBA in human resource is also highest specialization selected by the MBA students. As per data available student got a salary package of 8 lakhs 15 lakhs which is quite high as compared to other MBA courses.

MBA in Human Resource Management or sometime called HR management is a branch of MBA course, which is completed by 2 years degree program after the graduation with minimum 50% marks.

MBA in Human Resource Management mostly focus on requirement by the company to fill the right people for the job and managing this type of jobs, and provide best direction and guidance to the workplace and workforce

MBA HR (Human Resources) Job roles

  • Staffing Director 
  • HR Journalist 
  • Technical Recruiter 
  • Compensation Management 

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