What Should I Do After 12th to Become a Gynecologist?

Some student want to become a gynecologist, actually gynecologist is one of the top demanding careers in the field of medical science.

Gynecologist is a specialization is basically selected by women, because of gynecology deals with the female reproductive system and female organs, but in these days it is also good for a male candidates.

According to the recently released data, the number of male gynecologists is decreasing highly, and in the hospitality female or women, gynecologist demand is increasing more,

because of every pregnant women or most of the women are more comfortable with the lady gynecologist as compare to any male gynecologist.

Because of this reason male gynecologist is decreasing day by day. If any student wants to become a gynecologist, then today I will discuss, What Should I Do After 12th to Become a Gynecologist? , so this article is very important for you.

What Should I Do After 12th to Become a Gynecologist?
What Should I Do After 12th to Become a Gynecologist?

For gynecologist important of PCB in 12th 

Actually gynecologist is the field of medical science, which deal or study of the health of the women. Gynecologist deals with the female reproduction system like vagina, uterus and ovary and breast.

For become a good gynecologist after completing metric or 10th from any board you need to take admission in 12th board with such compulsory subject, like physics, chemistry, and Biology.

The main subject Biology is very student who want to become future career in the medical field, after completing Higher Secondary Education with compulsory subject physics, chemistry and math.

Students must carry more than 50% of marks in this subject, and then anyone can go for further medical education leading to degree in gynecologist.

Complete MBBS degree from recognized medical institutions 

Actually gynecology is the post graduate level education, which is completed after the completed in MBBS degree.

If you successfully completed Higher Secondary Level or 12th from any recognized board with compulsory subject PCB, you should take admission in MBBS degree, which is well recognize by medical institutions.

For taking MBBS admission number of exams conducted by National testing agency, these exams are Neet JEE and JEE advanced and other state level examination.

To take admission in the MBBS degree, you can appear in this examination, after clear this examination you take admission in MBBS degree.

Actually I discuss the MBBS degree in the previous article you can go and check about the MBBS courses and MBBS fees.

After completing MBBS degree, you need to appear the entrance test examination which is conducted by Medical Science for taking admission in MD or MS course.

For a gynecologist degree, one must appear in NEET-PG EXAM

After completing MBBS degree student should start preparation for MD or MS course. For taking MD or MS course admission you need to appear for the examination of NEET PG entrance exam.

This entrance examination is considered as difficult examination as other examination conducted in India, because of NEET PG is a high responsibility course, so exam conducted by the medical institutions difficulty level is so much.

After clears this examination you can enroll in the pg courses in this pg courses you can select gynecology as a branch.

Gynecologist course is basically 3 years course 

There are many options to get an MS or MD degree in the gynecologist subject in India. You can go any government or private college, and then you can take admission for the masters in surgery or Masters Medicine program.

Both of these courses are of 3 years duration. Gynecologist Government College fees is 1 lakhs to 3 lakhs for the complete course, as compare as to private college this fees goes up to 10 lakh to 30 lakhs to complete MD or MS in gynecologist.

How many types of gynecologist courses 

After completing MBBS degree candidate select a specialization in MD or MS in the Neet PG examination actually gynecologist has three types which is

  • PG diploma in gynecology and obstetrics 
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) in gynecology and obstetrics.
  • Master of Surgery (MS) in gynecology and obstetrics.

PG diploma in gynecology and obstetrics

PG diploma in gynecology and obstetrics is basically the type of gynecology program, which is 2 years of post-graduate courses, after successfully completing the MBBS degree.

Doctor of Medicine (MD) in gynecology and obstetrics.

Doctor of Medicine (MD) in gynecology and obstetrics is the branch of gynecology medical science. This course is completed in 3 years of postgraduate level courses, which is completed after the completion of the MBBS degree.

Master of Surgery (MS) in gynecology and Obstetrics

Master of Surgery (MS) in gynecology and obstetrics is a 3 years gynecology program, which is completed after the completion of the MBBS degree. It is a post-graduate level course.

Scope of gynecologist 

Gynecology is one of the highest-paying job-oriented careers in medical science, after completing gynecology.

Students can become employed in various sectors like hospitals and you can also clear government job or you can do private practice such as clinics or University and government agency etc.

Gynecologist is very responsible career as compared to other careers, some gynecologist also open on surgical clinic after completing gynecologist and practices one more field, gynecologist which is very attractive field.

After the completing of gynecology any gynecologist goes for the study in the field of various University and research centre for the training and research in new technology.

The scope of gynecology is increasing annually in the hospitals and clinics are rapidly very high.

If you think that this article is very helpful for you or your friends, you can share it with your friends and colleagues, who want to become gynecologists or anyone, think that, to become a gynecologist in the future.

Because anyone wants to become a Gynecologist it is very important to perform maximum marks in academic careers, like 10th and 12th examination board.

You must score at least 50% marks in physics, chemistry and Biology subject to become a good gynecologist.

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