Unique Career Options After 12th | Unique Career Options After 12th in 2023

Today most of students are confused after completing 12th from a recognized board, Students think of some different or unique career options available in the market, after 12th examination.

While comparing a few years back students do not think, what the Good career options for themselves are, but in a few days in the market several options are available for the student’s best careers.

Even I told today these days new and unique options are available after the 12th. Either they complete 12th in the science stream or Arts stream, or commerce stream.

So if you want to know or you want to be aware of the unique career options after the 12th read this article complete.

Unique career options after the 12th board
Unique career options after the 12th board

Unique career options after the 12th board

  • Data scientist 
  • Blockchain solution or blockchain engineer 
  • Food Technology 
  • Foreign language translators 
  • Animator 
  • Nutritionist 
  • International relations export

Data Scientist career

A Data Science course is one of the best career options for students after completing the 12th board. A data scientist is an expert, who is analyzing a number of dates

and mathematical operations to analyze a large number of Calculations and data to derive some useful information, which is helpful for taking effective decision making. After completing data scientist students will get salaries for the freshers are very from 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.

Blockchain solution or Blockchain engineer 

Blockchain engineering is one of the trending and unique courses after completing the 12th board because blockchain engineers are mostly responsible for the coding, developing,

and implementing, of new blockchain technology-based applications and operating systems, and software architect solutions.

Blockchain engineers work with the help of supporting diagrams and different types of documentation, which is highly demanded in the IT sector.

When we talk about salary after completing blockchain engineering the average salary of the blockchain solution or blockchain engineers is very from 5 lakhs per annum to 10 lakhs per annum.

Food Technology

One more unique career option for the students, who have completed the 12th board then Food Technology. As the student completed Food Technology, the student worked to check the quality of the food and processing and manufacturing of the food, in a large industry or small industry.

The number of large parts of the job available in the research around the food Technology the average salary of the food technology after completed it, which has excellent knowledge, they would receive a salary within the range of 6 to12 lakhs per annum.

Foreign language translator

Foreign language translator top trending care option which is considered a unique course option after completing the 12th board, because after becoming a foreign language translator.

There are several job options for the students as they go for the trainer, teachers, translators, either someone writers or some students also go for the government sector, to work with the government to deal and business purposes.

The student will be responsible for smooth communication and cultural exchanges. After completing a foreign language translator students will get an excellent salary package, which is in the range of 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.


Animated is a unique course after the 12th board in India. As an Animator, there is a lot of work to visualize, create, design, and develop virtual and graphical content for various types of mass media, fields such as the television field for interesting shows, commercial field video games, and other films including web series, and internet website.

After completing animation students would be on around 5 lakhs per annum to 12 lakhs per annum salary package, which is excellent as compared to other career options which is available to complete after the 12th board.


The most encourage courses available after the 12th board, which is attract a student very much, this course name is Nutritionist. Nutritionist work in hospital fitness, centre or sometime a student and their private practice.

Nutritionist course is basically target to fit people and fit India Movement. They advice people on health and their plans fitness and their nutrition and advice to the people to work physical and mental requirement. After completing Nutritionist, the average salary of the students for 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.

International relations expert

International relations expert is one of the leading unique courses, which is available to complete after 12th board. As the students work responsibility of international relations specialist to research and analyze the relationship of India among different countries and their Global policies.

International relations expert with all the plan and ideas with their other country and execute of this plan with other different countries and their agency.

They play a major role in helping government formula, political economics and other policy implementation. After completing the International relationship expert course the salary of the student vary from 6 lakhs per annum to 12 lakhs per annum.

Educational qualification requirements for these courses

Name of the course Educational qualifications 
Data scientist Student should complete 12th board with recognize University with physics chemistry math is main subject
Blockchain engineers/ blockchain solution Student should complete class 12th with physics chemistry math as a main subject and computer is one of the subject of the class 12th board
Food Technology Student should complete class 12th from recognize University with compulsory subject physics chemistry and Biology
Foreign language translators Student should complete class 12th with any stream
AnimatorStudent should complete class 12th from recognize board with any stream
Nutritionist Student should complete class 12th from recognize board with compulsory subject of physics chemistry and Biology
International relations expert Student should complete class 12th with compulsory subject of history, political science etc. 

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because everyone today lives who completed 12th in any stream has confused to take admission in which field to enhance their career, with growth so these courses are best for any student, who is interested to do something new and unique. 

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