NEET SYLLABUS 2023 | Syllabus for NEET 2023 | NTA NEET exam syllabus 2023

The NEET exam is very important for any person who wants to become a doctor, because the NEET exam determines their college. 

If a candidate’s rank is good then they get good colleges. On the other hand, if the rank of the candidate is not good now, then they are not able to get good colleges.

In such a situation, whenever you prepare for the NEET exam, it is very important for you to know its syllabus first. If you do not have complete information about the syllabus, then definitely read this article of ours completely, in today’s article you will get complete information about the syllabus.

Everyone works hard, but when it comes to clearing an exam, smart study brings a lot of color along with hard work. We read to prepare for the exam, but we do not even think about how much we have to study.

Because of which we are not able to succeed. If you want to crack the NEET exam with good marks then it is very important for you to know about the NEET Syllabus.

In today’s article, you will know about the NEET Syllabus, which will help you a lot in preparing for NEET and you will be able to get good marks in very less effort.

syllabus for neet 2023

NEET Syllabus 2023 (Full detail syllabus for NEET 2023)

As you all know that for the preparation of NEET exam, we have to study three subjects which are as follows-

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry 
  3. Biology 

Let us get detailed information about the syllabus of these three subjects.


  1. Units and Measurement 
  2. Motion in one dimension
  3. Vectors
  4. Motion in two dimension 
  5. Law of Motion 
  6. Work Energy and Power 
  7. Motion of system of particles and rigid body 
  8. Gravitation 
  9. Properties of bulk matter 
  10. Heat and its transfer
  11. Thermodynamics 
  12. Behavior of perfect gas and kinetic theory 
  13. SHM and Oscillation 
  14. Waves
  15. Electric charge and field 
  16. Electric potential and capacitance
  17. Current electricity 
  18. Magnetic effect of current 
  19. Magnetism 
  20. Electromagnetic induction and alternating current 
  21. Electromagnetic waves 
  22. Ray optics 
  23. Wave optics 
  24. Nature of matter and radiation
  25. Atoms and Nuclei 
  26. Electronic device

Physics is a very difficult subject, so it is very important for us to get information about which topics to study in these chapters.

Under Physics, you have to study these 26 chapters, inside these chapters you have to study mainly these topics which are as follows-

Chapter 1 – Units and Measurements syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Units of measurement 
  2. Systems of units
  3. SI units 
  4. Fundamental and derived units
  5. Length, Mass and Time measurements 
  6. Accuracy and Precious of measuring instrument 
  7. Errors in measurements 
  8. Significant figures 
  9. Dimension of physical quantities
  10. Dimensional analysis and its applications

Chapter 2 – Motion in one dimension syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Frame of reference 
  2. Motion in a straight line 
  3. Position Time graph 
  4. Speed and Velocity 
  5. Uniform and Non-uniform motion
  6. Average Speed and instantaneous velocity 
  7. Uniformly accelerated motion
  8. Velocity time and Position time graphs 
  9. For uniformly accelerated motion
  10. Graphical treatment 

Chapter 3 – Vectors syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Elementary concept of differentiation and integration for describing motion 
  2. Scalar and Vector quantities
  3. Addition and Subtraction of vector 
  4. Multiplication of vectors by a real number 
  5. Equality of vectors
  6. Relative velocity 
  7. Unit Vector 
  8. General vectors and Notation
  9. Resolution of a vector in a plane rectangular components  
  10. Scalar and Vector products of vectors

Chapter 4 – Motion in two dimension syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Motion in a plane 
  2. Cases of uniform velocity and
  3. Uniform acceleration 
  4. Projectile motion 
  5. Uniform Circular Motion

Chapter 5 – Laws of Motion syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Inertia 
  2. Newton’s first Law of Motion
  3. Momentum and Newton’s second law of motion 
  4. Impulse 
  5. Newton’s third law of motion 
  6. Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum and its application
  7. Equivalent of concurrent forces
  8. Dynamic of uniform circular motion 
  9. Centripetal force 
  10. Examples of circular motion

Chapter 6 – Work , Energy  and Power syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Work done by a constant force and variable forces 
  2. Kinetic energy 
  3. Work Energy theorem 
  4. Power 
  5. Notation of potential energy
  6. Potential energy of a spring
  7. Conservative forces 
  8. Conservation of mechanical energy 
  9. Non- conservative forces 
  10. Motion in a vertical circle 
  11. Elastic and 
  12. Elastic collision in one and two dimension

Chapter 7 – Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Centre of mass of a two particle system 
  2. Momentum conservation and centre of mass motion 
  3. Centre of mass of a rigid body
  4. Centre of mass of uniform rod
  5. Moment of a force 
  6. Torque 
  7. Angular Momentum 
  8. Conservation of angular momentum with some example
  9. Equilium of rigid bodies
  10. Moment of Interia
  11. Radius of Gyration
  12. Value of M.I for dimple geometrical objects
  13. Statements of parrel and perpendicular axes theorem and their applications
  14. Rigid body rotation and equation of rotational motion
  15. Comparison of Linear and Rotational Motions

Chapter 8 – Gravitation syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Kepler’s law of planetary motion
  2. The universal law of gravitation
  3. Gravitational Potential energy
  4. Escape Velocity 
  5. Geostationary Satellite

Chapter 9 –  Properties of Bulk Matter syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Elastic behaviour 
  2. Hooke’s law 
  3. Young’s modulus 
  4. Bulk modulus 
  5. Modulus of rigidity 
  6. Poisonous ratio 
  7. Viscosity 
  8. Stock’s law 
  9. Terminal Velocity 
  10. Reynolds Number

Chapter 10 – Heat and its transfer syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Heat, temperature, thermal expansion 
  2. Specific heat capacity 
  3. Heat transfer 
  4. Newton’s law of cooling and Stephen’s law 
  5. Wein’s displacement law
  6. Greenhouse effect
  7. Anomalous Expansion

Chapter 11 – Thermodynamics syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Thermal equilibrium and definition of temperature 
  2. First law of thermodynamics
  3. Isothermal and Adiabatic process
  4. Second law of thermodynamics
  5. Heat engine and Refrigerator

Chapter 12 – Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Equation of state of a perfect gas 
  2. Kinetic theory of gases 
  3. Concept of mean free path 
  4. Degree of freedom 
  5. Law of equipartition of energy

Chapter 13 – SHM and OSCILLATION syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Periodic motion frequency
  2. Displacement as a function of time
  3. Simple harmonic motion and its equation 
  4. Kinetic and potential energy
  5. Simple pendulum force and Damped oscillation 
  6. Resonance

Chapter 14 – Waves syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Wave Motion 
  2. Displacement relation for a progressive wave 
  3. Principal of superposition of waves
  4. Doppler Effect 
  5. Fundamental mode and Harmonics

Chapter 15 – Electric Charge and Fields syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Electric charges and their conservation 
  2. Coulomb’s law force between two point charges 
  3. Electric field 
  4. Electric field lines 
  5. Electric dipole 
  6. Torque on a dipole in a uniform electric field electric flux
  7. Statement of Gauss Theorem and its application to find field due to infinity long straight wire 
  8. Uniformly charged infinite plane sheet and uniformly charged thin spherical shell

Chapter 16 – Electric Potential and Capacitance syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Electric potential 
  2. Potential difference 
  3. Equipotential Surfaces 
  4. Conductor and Insulators 
  5. Free charges and bound charges inside a conductor 
  6. Dielectric and electric polarization
  7. Van de Graaff Generator

Chapter 17 – Current Electricity syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Electric current flow of electric charges in a metallic conductor
  2.  Drift velocity and mobility 
  3. Ohm’s law 
  4. V- I Characteristics 
  5. Electrical Resistivity and conductivity 
  6. Carbon register 
  7. Colour code of carbon register
  8. Series and parallel combination
  9. Internal resistance of a cell
  10. Combination of cells in series and parallel 
  11. Kirchhoff’s law and simple application 
  12. Wheatstone Bridge 
  13. Metre Bridge 
  14. Potentiometer – principle and application to measure potential difference
  15. Electrical energy and power

Chapter 18 – Magnetic Effects of Current syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Concept of magnetic field
  2. Oersted’s experiment
  3. Biot- Savart law and its applications to current carrying circular loop
  4. Cyclotron 
  5. Straight and toroidal solenoid
  6. Force on a current carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field 
  7. Moving coil galvanometer 
  8. Current loop as a magnetic dipole and its magnetic dipole moment

Chapter 19 – Magnetism syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Earth’s magnetic field and magnetic element 
  2. Para, Die and ferromagnetic substances with example
  3. Electromagnetic and factors affecting their strength 
  4. Permanent magnets

Chapter 20 – Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Electromagnetic induction
  2. Faraday laws 
  3. Lenz’s Law 
  4. Eddy currents 
  5. Self and Mutual induction 
  6. LC oscillation 
  7. LCR series circuit 
  8. Resonance 
  9. Power in AC circuits 
  10. Wattless current 
  11. AC generator and transformer
  12. Peak and RMS Vale of AC/ Volatge

Chapter 21 – Electromagnetic Waves syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Need for displacement current
  2. Electromagnetic waves and their characteristics 
  3. Electromagnetic spectrum including elementary facts about their uses

Chapter 22 – Ray Optics syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Reflection of light 
  2. Spherical mirror 
  3. Mirror formula 
  4. Refraction of light 
  5. Total internal reflection and its application 
  6. Optical fibres 
  7. Lens Maker Formula 
  8. Magnification 
  9. Power of a lens and a mirror 
  10. Refraction and dispersion of light through a prism 
  11. Optical instrument 
  12. Human eye 
  13. Microscopic and astronomical telescope and their magnifying powers

Chapter 23 – Wave Optics syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Wavefront and Huygen’s Principal
  2. Proof of law of reflection and reflection using principal interference 
  3. Young’s double hole experiment 
  4. Expression for fridge width
  5. Diffraction due to single slit
  6. Resolving power of microscope and astronomical telescope
  7. Brewster’s law 
  8. Uses of plane polarized light and polaroids

Chapter 24 – Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Photoelectric effect 
  2. Hertz and Lenard’s Observations
  3. Einstein Photoelectric equation
  4. Matter waves 
  5. Davisson- German experiment

Chapter 25 – Atoms and Nuclei syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Alpha particles scattering experiment 
  2. Rutherford models of atom 
  3. Bohr model 
  4. Energy levels 
  5. Hydrogen spectrum 
  6. Atomic masses 
  7. Isotopes 
  8. Isobar 
  9. Isotons 
  10. Radioactivity 
  11. Mass energy relation 
  12. Mass defect 
  13. Binding energy per nucleon and its variation with mass number
  14. Nuclear Fission 
  15. Nuclear fusion

Chapter 26 – Electronics Devices syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Energy bands in solids 
  2. Conductor insulator and semiconductor 
  3. Semiconductor diode 
  4. Photo diode 
  5. Solar cell and Zener diode 
  6. Zener diode as a voltage regulator
  7. Junction transistor 
  8. Logic gates transistor as a switch


  1. Some Basic Concept of Chemistry
  2. Structure of Atoms 
  3. Classification of elements and periodicity in properties 
  4. Chemical bonding and molecular structure 
  5. States of matter- gaseous and liquids 
  6. Thermodynamics 
  7. Chemical equilibrium 
  8. Ionic Equilibrium 
  9. Redox reaction 
  10. Hydrogen
  11. s- block Elements 
  12. Organic chemistry- some basic Principle and techniques
  13. Hydrocarbons 
  14. Environmental Chemistry 
  15. Solid state 
  16. Solutions 
  17. Electrochemistry 
  18. Chemical kinematics 
  19. Surface chemistry 
  20. General principle and processes of isolation of elements 
  21. p block elements 
  22. D and f block elements
  23. Coordination Compounds 
  24. Haloalkane and Haloarenes
  25. Alcohol, Phenol and Ether
  26. Aldehydes, Ketone and Carboxylic acids 
  27. Organic Compounds containing nitrogen 
  28. Biomolecules 
  29. Chemistry in everyday life

Almost the topics of chemistry are asked from your 11th and 12th class chemistry book itself. You can score good marks in Chemistry by studying the NCERT Books of class 11th and 12th thoroughly.

From some important chapters of chemistry, the topics inside which you should go about so that you can read those chapters well which is something like –

Chapter 1 – Structure of Atom syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Atomic number 
  2. Isotopes 
  3. Isobar 
  4. Concept of shells and subshells
  5. Dual nature of matter and light 
  6. De Broglie relationship 
  7. Heisenberg unsentative principal
  8. Concept of Orbital 
  9. Quantum numbers 
  10. Shapes of orbitals 
  11. Rules of filling electrons in orbital hund’s rule 
  12. Pauli exclusion principle 
  13. Electronic configuration of atoms stability of half field and completely filled orbitals
  14. Aufbau principle 

Chapter 2 – Chemical Bonding and molecular Structure syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Valence Electrons 
  2. Ionic bond 
  3. Covalent bond 
  4. Bond parameter 
  5. Lewis structure 
  6. VSEPR theory 
  7. Concept of hybridization involving S, P and D orbital and shapes of some simple molecules 
  8. Hydrogen bond

Chapter 3 – Thermodynamics syllabus for neet 2023

  1. First law of thermodynamics
  2. Second law of thermodynamics
  3. Third law of thermodynamics
  4. Hess’s law of constant Heat summation 
  5. Gibbs energy 

Chapter 4 – Chemical Equilibrium syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Equilibrium in physical and chemical processes 
  2. Dynamic nature of equilibrium 
  3. Law of chemical equilibrium 
  4. Factors affecting equilibrium
  5. Le- Chaterlier’s principle 

Chapter 5 – Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and Techniques syllabus for neet 2023

  1. General introduction 
  2. Method of purification qualitative and quantitative analysis
  3. Classification and IUPAC nomenclature  of organic compounds 
  4. Electronic displacements in a covalent bond 
  5. Homolytic and Heterolytic fission of covalent bond

Chapter 6 – Hydrocarbons syllabus for neet 2023

  1. Alkane
  2. Alkane
  3. Alkyne
  4. Aromatic Hydrocarbons

NEET Biology syllabus 2023

As you all know, the most important subject in the NEET exam is Biology.  Because of which it is very important for us to study biology well.

If you want to get good marks in the NEET exam then it is very important for you to study each and every topic of each chapter of Biology thoroughly.

The chapters of Biology for the preparation of NEET exam are as follows –

Chapter 1 – The Living World

Chapter 2 – Biological Classification 

Chapter 3 – Plant Kingdom 

Chapter 4 – Animal Kingdom 

Chapter 5 – Morphology of Flowering Plants

Chapter 6- Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Chapter 7 – Structural Organisation in Animals

Chapter 8 – Cell (The Unit of Life)

Chapter 9  Biomolecules 

Chapter 10 – Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Chapter 11- Transport in Plants

Chapter 12 – Mineral Nutrition

Chapter 13- Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Chapter 14- Respiration in Plants

Chapter 15 – Plants (Growth and Development)

Chapter 16 – Digestion and Absorption 

Chapter 17 –  Breathing and Exchange of gases

Chapter 18- Body Fluids and Circulation

Chapter 19- Excretory Products and Their Elimination 

Chapter 20 – Locomotion and Movement

Chapter 21- Neural Control and Coordination

Chapter 22- Chemical Coordination and Integration

Chapter 23- Reproduction in Organisms

Chapter 24 – Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Chapter 25 – Human Respiration 

Chapter 26 – Reproductive Health

Chapter 27-  Principles of Inheritance and Variation 

Chapter 28- Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Chapter 29 – Evolution 

Chapter 30 – Human Health and Diseases

Chapter 31 – Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Chapter 32- Microbes in Human Welfare

Chapter 33- Biotechnology (Principles and Process)

Chapter 34 – Biotechnology and its application 

Chapter 35- Organisms and Population

Chapter 36- Ecosystem 

Chapter 37- Biodiversity and its Conservation 

Chapter 38 –  Environmental Issues

You must have studied all these chapters in class 11th and 12th Biology NCERT Book, all these chapters are very important, it is very important for you to read each and every topic.


In today’s article, you know what is the syllabus of NEET exam? Which subjects do we have to study for NEET exam?

I hope you have found it very beneficial by reading our today’s article. If you liked our today’s article, then do share it with your friends and if you have any question related to this in your mind, then you can feel free to ask your question by commenting in the comment box.

 Thank you

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