MBA courses List and Details | How many courses offer in MBA

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the best professional courses in the world. MBA is an actually 2 year Post graduate degree that deals with the Master Studies of business administration and management.

MBA Courses give good knowledge to start a business and well-rounded knowledge to promote the business and growth, innovation, and success in the business sector.

MBA Students learned all over knowledge to become trained professionals and managerial roles for any company. 

To take Admission to MBA Courses you must qualify for the entrance examination which is conducted by IBM. Minimum Qualification to take admission in any MBA Course you must pass Graduation in any stream with a minimum 50% marks. The average Fees of MBA is (3-10) lakhs, depending upon the university and location of the colleges.

MBA courses List and Details
MBA courses List and Details

Name of Entrance Examination to take Admission in MBA

  • CAT
  • MAT
  • XAT
  • CMAT

Types of MBA Courses

  • Full-time MBA 
  • Online MBA 
  • Executive MBA
  • Distance MBA
  • Integrated MBA

MBA Courses Duration 

Courses nameDuration of courses 
Part-time MBA courses 2 years
1 year2 years 
Online MBA courses 1-4 years
Distance MBA courses2-5 years
Integrated MBA courses5 years
Accelerated MBA courses 1 years
Global EMBA courses 2 years
Joint EMBA courses 2 years
Modular EMBA courses 2 years

MBA Courses List

  1. MBA in digital marketing 
  2. MBA in business analytics
  3. MBA in data analytics
  4. MBA in entrepreneurship
  5. MBA in finance
  6. MBA in Strategy
  7. MBA in international business
  8. MBA in Human Resources management 
  9. MBA in risk management
  10. MBA in operation

MBA in digital marketing 

An MBA in digital marketing is the branch of the MBA courses in which students get how to create, promote, and also manage the price of products as well as services.

In the courses of MBA in digital marketing students can learn in-depth knowledge of customer behavior and the tools that solve the customer’s needs, and also learn to communicate to clients as well as customers.

Name of the roles that students got after completing an MBA in digital marketing 

  • Marketing Manager
  • Market research analyst 
  • Market communication manager
  • Sales and marketing director

MBA in business analytics 

MBA in business analytics is the branch of the MBA degree in which students learn business gain and loss analytics, if a company has any loss then its course gives ideas on how the company again builds and gains the original stages.

Core business fundamentals included in these courses while student training, it allows students to read data-driven perspectives clearly.

Roles in Company After completing these courses

  • Big data analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Management research consultant
  • Market research analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Marketing Manager

MBA in data analytics

MBA in data analytics students can learn how to convert semi-structured data, big data structured or unsaturated data structured into useful data insights which can easily be learned and help to take decision-making process.

MBA in data analytics has 2-year post-graduate course program, it covers these topics:

  • Data Engineer 
  • Data analytics job roles
  • Data analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Risk analyst 

MBA in Entrepreneurship

MBA in Entrepreneurship is a branch of the MBA course in which students can learn how we implement opinions in objects formed, which means it grows entrepreneurs or runs existing businesses and grows it at a high level.

Entrepreneurship centric also helps students understand how to become great entrepreneurs. This course helps students understand how to start and run a business effectively.

It also provides knowledge about getting funds and using these funds in suitable ways.

 MBA Entrepreneurs’ roles in job 

  • Small business owners 
  • Business consultants
  • Business reporters
  • Sales manager 
  • Developments officers etc.

MBA in finance

MBA in finance students can learn deep knowledge related to the various facts of finance such as management, control of finance, assessment of collection, investments, and the resources available in the market.

MBA in Finance has 2-year courses of MBA postgraduate courses that the student understands for various management roles and control in finance.

Various specializations of finance focus on the management and control financial resources of the management.

MBA Finance Job Roles

  • Finance Advisor
  • Financial planners 
  • Budget analyst

MBA in a strategy

Master of Business Administration or MBA strategic management course is a 2-year postgraduate course in which students can learn how to design to insure and make management decisions that will improve company performance and Company affability, organization management system and increase productivity under this program of MBA in a strategy. The student would be taught the skill of business analysis and strategy skills. 

MBA in Strategy Job roles 

  • Business Analyst 
  • Business development coordinator 
  • Marketing Consultant 
  • Consumer’s insight Analyst 

MBA in International Businesses

MBA in international business is a branch of an MBA that is completed in 2 years postgraduate course in which students can learn how to do business global level.

These courses also learn by the student how to make management decisions in international business and knowledge of foreign policies, trade, foreign investment, export management, foreign Risk Management, etc.

MBA International Business Job roles

  • Risk management director 
  • Corporate director
  • Real estate development management 
  • Marketing Sales Executive 
  • Government affairs director 
  • Business development manager 
  • Supply chain management director 
  • Business analytics manager 
  • Chief executive officer
  • Information security director 

MBA in Human Resources Management 

MBA in Human Resource Management or sometimes called HR management is a branch of the MBA course, which is completed by a 2 years degree program after graduation with a minimum of 50% marks.

MBA in Human Resource Management mostly focuses on the requirement by the company to fill the right people for the job and manage this type of job, and provide the best direction and guidance to the workplace and workforce

MBA HR(Human Resources) Job roles

  • Staffing Director 
  • HR Journalist 
  • Technical Recruiter 
  • Compensation Management 
  • Employees Relationship Manager

MBA in Risk management

MBA in risk management and insurance is a two-year postgraduate course of MBA which is focused on the insurance industry.

MBA in risk management students can learn how to control risk management against the risk of contingent and uncertain losses.

Students can also understand strategic planning and other topics essential to effective management in the insurance industry and the insurance businesses.

MBA Risk management Job Roles

  • Insurance underwriters
  • Risk managers
  • Financial manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Benefit manager

MBA in operations

MBA Operations management is a specialization of MBA courses. MBA Operations Management is 2 years postgraduate course that mostly focuses on planning, organizing, and supervising the launching of products or services.

MBA operations management is becoming more important with the growth of E-commerce. High production abilities and the need for spreading all products across the planet provide great scope for MBA Operations management.

MBA Operations Job Roles

  • Operation manager 
  • Supply Chain Manager 
  • General Operations manager 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Human Resources manager 
  • Data Analyst 
  • Logistics manager 
  • Area Operations manager 
  • Quality manager
  • Human Resources Head

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