KTU Syllabus 2023 | KTU syllabus 2023 full detail

All of you must have heard the name of APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University.  Many children from here do different types of courses and also make a good future for themselves.  

It is the dream of many children to complete their studies at APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University which is now known as Kerala Technological University.

Many students do graduate, postgraduate, and research program courses through this university. 

If you also want to do any of your courses from Kerala Technical University, then it is mandatory for you to clear your entrance exam first.

Most of the children prefer to pursue B.tech and MBA courses from this university.  

If you are also one of those students and you also want admission to KTU, then it is mandatory for you to know about its syllabus, so let’s first know about the syllabus of KTU in detail.

KTU Syllabus 2023
KTU Syllabus 2023

More About KTU

The full form of KTU is Kerala Technological University which you may know as APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University.  

This university is a public-sector university in the state of Kerala.  Whose headquarter is located in Thiruvananthapuram, which is the capital of the state of Kerala.

KTU is both a teaching and affiliation University, with more than 150 affiliated colleges, and over  160000 students enrolled, having jurisdiction over the entire area of Kerala.

KTU is recognized as a university approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the University Grants Commission (UGC).  From where students can do all UG and PG courses.

KTU was Established by the government of Kerala through an Ordinance in May 2014.

KTU offers engineering and technology-related courses and has advanced courses compared to the courses offered by its predecessor, the old Kerala University. 

KTU (Kerala Technological University) is a relatively new and reformed University, with its first batch in 2015.

KTU Syllabus 2023

Various courses for graduation and post-graduation are offered at Kerala Technological University, out of which some important popular courses are as follows –

  1. B.Tech
  2. B.Arch
  3. BHMCT
  4. M.Tech
  5. M.Arch
  6. MBA
  7. MCA
  8. MBA Integrated
  9. B.Tech Honors
  10. B.Pharma etc…

As I already told you, most people prefer to pursue B.Tech and MBA courses from Kerala Technological University.  

Let us know about their syllabus in detail.

B.tech Syllabus of KTU 2023

As you all will know that there is a course of last 4 years which has total 8 semesters and in these eight semesters we are taught about various courses which are as follows –

Semester 1 B.Tech Syllabus 2023

MBA Syllabus of KTU 2023

As you all would know, an MBA is a master’s degree course, which you can pursue after completing your graduation.  

MBA course is of 2 years duration which consists of 4 semesters and in these four semesters we have to study different courses.

If you want to do MBA course from Kerala Technological University, then first of all you should have a good look at its syllabus which is as follows –

Other Courses of KTU 2023

If you want to do other courses from Kerala Technical University and want to know its syllabus, then you can see the syllabus of all its courses by visiting its official website.

Click here to go to the official website of KTU


In today’s article, you learned about the syllabus of Kerala Technological University.  Today you also came to know which courses we can do through these universities.

I hope that by reading our article today, you would have got answers to all the important questions related to Kerala Technological University.

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