ITI Syllabus Electrician 2023 | ITI electrician syllabus 2023

If you want to do an ITI course, then first of all you should know about its syllabus.  Many different courses are offered under ITI.  Today I will tell you about the syllabus of ITI Electrician.

Here I will tell you the latest and updated syllabus of ITI Syllabus Electrician 2023 so that you can get a complete idea about the stand of ITI and know what all you are taught in the 2 years course of ITI Electrician.

ITI Syllabus Electrician 2023
ITI Syllabus Electrician 2023

ITI Electrician Qualification

  • 10th pass with mathematics & science

ITI Electrician Admission Process

  • Direct Merit Based
  • It depends on the Institute & States.

ITI Electrician Course Duration

  • 2 Years Course (4 Semester)

ITI Electrician Age Limit

  • Minimum Age – 14 years
  • Maximum Age – 40 years

ITI Electrician Course Fees

  • Government Institute – Rs 1500/- to 3000/-
  • Private Institute – Rs 5000/- to 25000/-

ITI Electrician Course Certificate

There are two type of Certificate –

  1. NCVT (National Council Vocational Training)
  2. SCVT (State Council Vocational Training)

Required Skills for ITI Electrician Students

  • Creative and Innovative Skills
  • Subjects Knowledge
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Ability to work under Pressure
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Friendly Nature
  • Good Nature and Behaviour

ITI Electrician Trade CBT Exam Pattern

Subject No. of Questions Marks
Electrician Trade Theory3876
Workshop Science and Calculation 612
Engineering Drawing 612
Employability Skills2550

ITI Syllabus Electrician 2023 (ITI electrician syllabus 2023)

Before going to the ITI Electrician print syllabus you need to know what is the difference between NCVT and SCVT ITI Syllabus because the syllabus is decided by the Craftsman Training Scheme. 

So it doesn’t matter if you are in ITI recognized by NCVT  Studying or studying in ITI recognized by such also.  

You have been told about the complete syllabus below.

ITI is of total 2 years. In which there are a total of 4 semesters. In these 4 semesters of ITI Electrician course, you are taught various courses and its syllabus is as follows-

Semester 1 ITI Electrician Syllabus 2023

1. Electrician Theory– Occupational Safety and Health
– Conductor, semiconductors
– Insulator and electric cables
– Tools for an Electrician
– Soldering and D.C theory
– Basic Electricity
– Electrical accessories
– Electro-Chemical effect and Chemical cell
– Magnetism and electromagnetism
– Alternating current theory
– Earthing and Basic electronics.
2. Engineering Drawing– Engineering drawing
– Drawing instruments
– Lines, Drawing of geometrical figures
– Lettering and numbering, dimensioning
– Drawing sheets, Freehand drawing
– Presentation of engineering drawing
– And Symbolic representation.
3. Employability Skills– English literacy
– Information technology literacy
– Communication skills.
4. Workshop calculation and Science– Units, Fraction, Square root
– Ratio and proportion
– Percentage, Material science
– Mass, weight, and density
– Speed and velocity, Work
– power and energy.
5. Electrical Practical– Trade safety and first aid
– Tools, wire, and joints
– Allied trades, Resistor, and capacitor
– Alternating current ( A.C. ) circuit
– Cell and battery, Magnetic field
– Earthing and Semi-conductor diode.

Semester 2 ITI Electrician Syllabus 2023

1. Electrician Theory– Transistor, Amplifiers, Oscillators
– Specific Solid-State devices
– Digital Electronics, Electrical wiring
– Direct Current Generator
– Direct Current Motor
– Transformer and Electrical measuring instruments
2. Engineering Drawing– Construction of scales
– Lettering and title block
– Dimensioning practice
– Construction of geometrical drawing figures, Drawing of solid shapes
– Freehand sketch and Measuring tools
– Projection and Drawing details.
3. Employability Skills– Entrepreneurship skill
– Productivity, Occupational safety
– Health and Environmental education
– Labour welfare legislation and Quality tools.
4. Workshop Calculation and Science– Algebra, Mensuration
– Trigonometry, Heat, and temperature
– Basic electricity
– Levers and simple machines.
5. Electrical practical– Electrical measuring instruments
– Transformer, Direct current ( D.C. ) machines
– Electrical wiring, Transistor
– Logic gates and their circuits.

Semester 3 ITI Electrician Syllabus 2023

1. Electrician Theory– 3-Phase induction motors
– Single-Phase induction motors
– Alternator, Synchronous motor
– Converters, D.C. machine, and short transformer winding
– A.C. Machine winding
– Illumination, Industrial wiring
– House wiring layout.
2. Engineering Drawing– Alternating current based electrical circuit drawing
– Electronic circuit and auxiliary component
– Electrical wiring and earthing
– Freehand sketch of D.C. machines
– Transformer, Illumination.
3. Workshop calculation and science– Indices, Quadratic equation
– Calculations related to A.C. waveforms
– Electrical connections, Elasticity
– Materials, Magnetism
– Pressure, Heat treatment.
4. Electrical Practical– Winding-rewinding
– Alternator, Synchronous motor
– Alternating current motor
– Converters, Electric lamp, and lightening decoration
– Industrial wiring.

Semester 4 ITI Electrician Syllabus 2023

1. Electrician Theory – Machine control panel
– Electrical instrument
– Electrical power generation
– Electrical power transmission
– Underground cables, Power distribution
– Speed control and maintenance o electric machines
– Electronic theory and communication
2. Engineering Drawing– Three-phase induction motor
– Alternator, Winding diagram
– Control panel, Distribution of power
3. Workshop Calculation and Science– Number system
– Estimation and cost
– Mensuration, Graph
– Profit and loss
– Simple and compound interest
– Friction, Pressure, Heat treatment
– Force, Center of gravity
4. Electrical Practical– Machine control
– Electrical controlling components
– Wiring related practical applications
– Domestic electrical appliances
– Power production
– Electric power transmission
– Power distribution
– Speed control and maintenance of appliances

ITI Electrician Syllabus Download pdf link 2023

After ITI Electrician Course Job Profile

Electrician LinemanElectrical Supervisor
Electrician MaintainerElectrician Lab Technician
Electrical ContractorService Technician
Motor re-winderElectrician Foreman
Technical HelperPower Electrician

Career Options in Government organizations after ITI Electrician

  • Railways, Indian Army
  • BHEL, ONGC, Electricity Departments
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Hydro Power Plants, GEB.

ITI Electrician Salary

  • Freshers – 8k to 15k
  • Experienced – 25k to 65k 


In today’s article, we learned about the syllabus of ITI Electrician.  I hope that by reading today’s article, you must have got a lot of information about ITI Electrician.

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