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If you want to get a Quick job in 2 or 3 years, you should take admission for the fitter trade in ITI. ITI in fitter is a two years regular or distance ITI course conducted by the industrial training institute, to trained the student to work at the industrial level, and it is affiliated by the National Council of vocational training (NCVT).

ITI in fitter is generally completed by the student, who have lots of interest in the mechanical branch and they want to make their future in the mechanical industry, like they have interested to assemble or fitting machine parts, engine parts.

The students are provided knowledge about the highest types of machines available in the market and their parts such as bikes tractor, cars, water pump, truck etc.

Candidate before taking admission in the ITI fitter course, then they are looking for ITI fitter course details like syllabus and subjects, so today I will discuss about the ITI fitter course, subject and syllabus in detail. If you like these articles you can share this to your friends and colleagues.

ITI fitter syllabus
ITI fitter syllabus

Types of courses in fitter branch

  1. General fitter 
  2. Electrical fitter 
  3. Boiler fitter 
  4. Marine fitter 
  5. Marine Engineering fitter 
  6. Sanitary hardware fitter

ITI fitter subject and syllabus by semester wise

ITI is a 2 years industrial training course. ITI fitter course syllabus is divided into 4 semesters. Now we will discuss briefly all 4 semesters ITI fitter course syllabus.

ITI fitter Semester 1 syllabus

  1. Fitter theory
  • Trade introduction and safety precautions 
  • Measurement and measuring instruments 
  • Common hand tools 
  • Marking and marking tools 
  • Drilling machine 
  • Properties of different types of metals 
  • Forging 
  • Heat treatment 
  • Sheet metal work 
  • Solder
  1. Employment skill
  • English literacy 
  • Information Technology literacy 
  • Communication skills 
  • Working communication skills, etc
  1. Engineering drawing
  • Introduction to engineering 
  • Drawing instruments and lines 
  • Drawing of geometrical figures 
  • Lettering and numbering 
  • Dimensioning and projection 
  • Conventional and symbolic representation
  1. Workshop Calculation and Science
  • Units fractions 
  • Square root 
  • Ratio and proportion, percentage 
  • Material science and mass 
  • Weight and density 
  • Speed and velocity 
  • Work, power and energy
  1. Fitter practical
  • Safety and precaution in workshop 
  • Hand tools and machining 
  • Necessity of forging processes 
  • Miscellaneous sheet metal processes.

ITI fitter Semester 2 syllabus

  1. Fitter theory
  • Welding, drilling, rimming 
  • Screw threads, Grinding 
  • Interchangeability 
  • Metals, scraping 
  • Precision measuring instrument 
  • Plant maintenance 
  • Assembly and related techniques.
  1. Employability skills
  • Entrepreneurship skill 
  • Productivity, occupational safety 
  • Health and environment education 
  • Labour welfare legislation and quality tools. 
  1. Engineering drawing
  • A scale drawing of solid shapes 
  • Free hand sketch of different tools 
  • Orthographic projection 
  • Orthographic drawing of a simple fastener 
  • Draw details of simple meting blocks.
  1. Fitter practical
  • Welding, drilling and Boring 
  • Threading operation 
  • Standard fit and making 
  • Miscellaneous operations.
  1. Workshop, Calculation and Science
  • Algebra mensuration and trigonometry 
  • Heat and temperature 
  • Basic electricity 
  • Levers and simple machines.

ITI fitter Semester 3 syllabus

  1. Fitter theory
  • Lathe fasteners and files 
  • Gauge and template 
  • Surface finishing and bearing.
  1. Engineering drawing
  • Machine component 
  • Screw threads 
  • Fasteners 
  • Pipe fittings 
  • Pipe joints 
  • Detail and assembly drawing.
  1. Fitter Workshop, Calculation and Science
  • Geometry, mensuration 
  • Estimation and cost 
  • Trigonometry and mechanical force 
  • Heat and temperature 
  • Circular motion.
  1. Fitter practical
  • Lathe machine operations 
  • Making keys and shafts 
  • Work for fitting 
  • Adjustment operation 
  • Miscellaneous activities.

ITI fitter Semester 4 syllabus

  1. Fitter theory
  • Case hardening 
  • Soldering and Brazing 
  • Jigs and fixture 
  • Pipe fitting and fire 
  • Conservation of the finished surface 
  • Non ferrous metals 
  • Elements power transmission 
  • Lubrication and cooling 
  • Industrial engineering 
  • Installation overhauling and maintenance of machine 
  • Installation and foundation of devices.
  1. Engineering drawing
  • Vice assembly, reading of drawings 
  • Free hand sketch of mechanical machine parts 
  • Practical of trade related symbols 
  • Study of drawing and estimation material.
  1. Fitter Workshop, Calculation and Science
  • Graph statics and inspection friction 
  • Centre of gravity and mechanism 
  • Insulating materials and earthing 
  • Power transmission 
  • Heat treatment and pressure 
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system.
  1. Fitter practical
  • Use of trade and machine tools 
  • Pipe valve fitting and testing 
  • Fire extinguisher and their management 
  • Marking process 
  • Assembly of various parts and their repairing in fitting 
  • Machine maintenance and related documentation.

Advantages of ITI fitter course

  • ITI fitter courses firstly less expensive course because complete ITI fitter course completed it just 10 to 15 thousands.
  • ITI fitter is job oriented and industry based course.
  • After completing of ITI in fitter branch easy to find job within the city or outside the city.
  • Student can take admission after 10th year 12th in ITI fitter course.
  • Easy to understand complete ITI fitter course, because ITI in fitter is all of the practical concepts related to the fitting and machining parts, in which students can change the object so it is easy to understand all subjects under the ITI fitter course.
  • After completing ITI in fitter branch student can become fitter, technician and mechanics in different industries.
  • After completing ITI in fitter branch a student has a actually to options either they go in government sector or in private sector, because of the Indian government is running big machinery projects and installation of plants, where ITI fitter is needs to fit mechanical components so a student can also join in government sector.
  • If any students want to take more courses after the completing of ITI in fitter. The student can take admission diploma in mechanical engineering and then Bachelors Degree and goes up to the master degree in the mechanical department.

ITI fitter salary

After completing ITI in fitter branch a student can take a job easily in the industry in behalf of the knowledge, As a fresher student can get 10 to 20 thousands salary per month.

One more options has open for the student after the completing ITI in fitter branch, that is apprenticeship in the PSU’s and government sector industries, where the student can learn lots of knowledge and practical experience ,also student can get a Stipend of 8 to 12 thousands per month. 

Government organization’s career options for ITI fitters

After completing ITI in fitter branch a student’s has one more options that is a student can go in the government organizations this government organization such as:

  • Railways 
  • ONGC 
  • BHEL 
  • NTPC 
  • Municipal Corporation
  • Hydro power plants 
  • Thermal power plants and 
  • Nuclear power plants etc.

ITI fitters job profiles available in India

There are a lot of Job profiles for ITI fitters, where ITI fitters can work and learn practical knowledge:

  • Pipe welder 
  • Technician 
  • Plant maintenance fitter 
  • Welder fitter 
  • Mechanical fitter 
  • Technical assistant fitter 
  • Pump operator 
  • Lathe mechanics fitter and 
  • Also get chances to become a teacher.

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