IIT Fees in 2023 | How much is the fee of IIT in 2023

If you want to complete your engineering course from IIT College, then there will be a question somewhere in your mind that how much is the fee of IIT? How much will it cost to do IIT? 

This question definitely comes in the mind of every student who wants to become an engineer, how much is the fee of IIT? 

Friends, in today’s time, most of the students in the career selection choose engineering and every year there are so many students who prepare for admission in IIT. So that they can make a better future by becoming a good engineer. 

If you are also among those people who want to study from IIT and want to know how much IIT fees are, then you must read this article till the end. In this article today, I will mainly tell you about the fees of IIT.

IITs Fees in 2023
IITs Fees in 2023

What is an IIT

IIT is not a course but an educational institute, which makes you study engineering. The full form of IIT is the Indian Institute of Technology. IIT is a very big institute from where most kids dream of doing engineering.

From here you can do courses like B.Tech, M.Tech, etc. IIT is one of the best institutes in India to do engineering. For engineering studies, IIT is considered one of the top educational institutions not only in the country but also in the world.  

Students from other countries also visit our country India to study in these institutions. There are a total of 23 IIT colleges in our country India, out of which IIT Kharagpur is the first and oldest IIT institute.  

For admission in these institutes, an entrance exam has to be given and on the basis of those appearing in it, we get the college.

If any student works properly, then they can complete their engineering studies from IIT college as per their wish, but there is definitely a question in everyone’s mind what is the cost of doing engineering from IIT, so come now? Know about it.

IIT fees in 2023 (How much is the fee of IIT?)

In IIT institutes, fees are charged according to each semester.  If we talk about a B. Tech course, then it is a 4 year course. In which there are a total of 8 semesters. The fee structure of each IIT institute is different.  

Some of the most prestigious IITs in the country charge fees of up to 10 lakhs for the entire course. The fees for 1 year of IIT institutes can cost you an average of 2 to 2.5 lakh rupees.

Let us know in detail about the names of some top IIT institutes and their fees.

IIT Bombay

The fee for one semester of B. tech in IIT Mumbai is more than 120000, in this way the fee for the whole course goes up to about 10 lakhs. The fee for one semester in B.tech in IIT Madras is around 116000, due to which the fee for the whole year reaches around 9.5 lakhs.

IIT Delhi

In IIT Delhi, the fees of one semester of B.Tech are almost the same as the fees of IIT Bombay. For this entire course of engineering, you may have to pay around ₹ 850000 fees from IIT Delhi. Similarly, there is a slight difference in the fees of other IIT institutions. 

Other IIT Institute Fees 

All the other IIT colleges, their total fees for 4 years are around 9 to 10 lakhs. Its amount is very high but you do not need to worry too much about the fees, because when you qualify for the entrance exam, you can easily get an education loan from the bank.

You can easily complete your engineering studies at the IIT Institute. 

Apart from this, scholarship facilities are also provided in many colleges. Which reduces your perception of fees. The most important thing for you is that you acquire JE with good marks so that you get a chance to give the exam of JEE Advanced. So that you can get into a good IIT college.

Your fees also depend on which course you take admission in an IIT institution and which trade you choose.  If we talk about B.tech only, then the fees are different for computer science students. 

There is a lot of difference in the fees of the same mechanical student and civil student, so when you talk about the fees of IIT, then you should also keep in mind that you want to choose your trade, it is also important to know about your fees.  

Is, because then the fees of IIT is decided according to that, if you want, you can check this fee by visiting the official website of IIT.

How to take admission in IIT

If we talk about how to get admission in IIT institutes for engineering studies, then all the students who want to study engineering, they should start preparing for IIT from class 12th and after passing class 12th, IIT  You have to apply for the exam.

For admission in IIT, you have to get good marks in JEE exam, only then you get to appear for JEE Advanced exam. If you want to take admission in IIT College, first you have to qualify JEE Mains exam, only then you will qualify JEE Advanced. Can sit in the exam.

After qualifying JEE Mains, if you are not able to qualify advanced, then your admission is not in IITs but in institutes like NITs. Students who have dreams of becoming an engineer from the very beginning, can apply for admission in IITs after 10th class. Let’s start from later.

If you are also among those students, then you can definitely make your place in institutes like IIT by hard work. If you have an admission rate in IIT, then you have to succeed with good marks in both JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams, only then you  Will be able to get a good IIT college.


 In today’s article, you came to know that what is the fee of IIT?  How can I get admission in IIT? I hope that by reading today’s article, you must have got answers to many important questions related to IIT.

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