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Many people want to make a career in the field of business, so they should study such a subject from the very beginning. So that they can make a lot of progress in the field of business. Commerce Accountancy is one of them.

Through this, you can expand your career in many other career fields including business administration, finance, economics, marketing and e-commerce.

That’s why many people choose commerce subjects after 10th according to their interest.

If you are also doing your further studies with a commerce subject or want to do, then there must be a question in your mind about which subject we have to study under commerce.

If you want to know about this topic, then definitely read this article it will help you.

commerce subject 2023

What is Commerce?

Commerce means business or business, students who choose commerce stream after class tenth, those children are very interested in business. The right option for all those children is to choose Commerce Subject.  

The choice of commerce subject is also very important because you read about business from the very beginning so that you can make your future in a business place other than the banking sector.  

This is one of the best subjects for all the students who have a very good grip in mathematics.

Commerce Subjects 2023

Under the commerce subject, you have to study various subjects, which are as follows –

  1. Accountancy 
  2. Business Studies 
  3. Economics 
  4. English
  5. Mathematics 
  6. Informatics Practices
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Physical Education 

When you choose a commerce subject in 11th after 10th class then you have to study the following subjects.

Class 11th Commerce Subjects 2023

There are two types of commerce subjects under 11th class. First main subject and second optional subject.

In which it is mandatory to study the main subject and you have to study 11th class by choosing one of the optional subjects.

Main Subjects 

  1. Accountancy 
  2. Economics
  3. Business Studies
  4. English 

Optional Subjects 

  1. Maths
  2. Informatics Practices 
  3. Computer Science 
  4. Home Science 
  5. Physical Education 
  6. Psychology 
  7. Fine Arts
  8. Hindi /French / German
  9. Computer Studies
  10. Legal Studies
  11. Civics
  12. Foundation of Financial Markets
  13. Marketing and Salesmanship
  14. Entrepreneurship
  15. Accounts and Audit

Class 12th Commerce Subjects

When you choose the subjects as a commerce subject in 11th after 10th. You have to study the same subjects in class 12th also, but in class 12th also some subjects are compulsory and some are optional.

Main Subjects 

  1. Accountancy 
  2. Business Studies 
  3. English 
  4. Economics

Optional Subjects 

  1. Maths
  2. Informatics Practices 
  3. Psychology 
  4. Physical Education

If you want to complete your graduation with commerce subject in future also then you can do B.Com. The full form of B.Com is Bachelor in Commerce. It is a total of 3 years. In which there are a total of 6 semesters.  

In which different subjects are taught to you in every semester, which is as follows-

B.Com Semester 1 Subjects 

  1. English and Business Communication
  2. Business Economics – I
  3. Commercial law
  4. Interdisciplinary Psychology for Managers
  5. Principles of financial accounting
  6. Management principles and practice

B.Com Semester 2 Subjects 

  1. English and Business Communication
  2. Interdisciplinary e-commerce
  3. Business Economics – II
  4. Corporate accounting
  5. Business Law

B.Com Semester 3 Subjects 

  1. Interdisciplinary Issues in Indian Commerce
  2. Cost accounting
  3. Company law
  4. Business Mathematics and Statistics
  5. Banking and Insurance
  6. Indirect tax law

B.Com Semester 4 Subjects 

  1. Interdisciplinary Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  2. Cost management 
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Quantitative Techniques and Methods

B.Com Semester 5 Subjects 

  1. Income tax law
  2. Management Accounting
  3. Indian Economy
  4. Production and Resource Management
  5. Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  6. Financial Markets and Services

B.Com Semester 6 Subjects 

  1. Direct tax law 
  2. Financial management
  3. Issues in financial reporting
  4. Social and business ethics
  5. Operational research
  6. Sectoral Aspects of Indian Economy

If you want to do higher studies with commerce subject, then you can study M.Com. M.Com is of 2 years, in which total 4 semesters sleep, in those four semesters you have to study different subjects.

In M.Com, you have to study the following subjects.

M.Com Semester 1 Subjects 

  1. Organisation Behavior and Management Process
  2. Marketing Management 
  3. Computer Applications in Commerce 
  4. Business Environment & Policy
  5. Corporate Governance 

M.Com Semester 2 Subjects 

  1. Management and Financial Accounting 
  2. Managerial Economics 
  3. Research 
  4. Management of nonprofit Organisation 
  5. Research Methods & Statistical Techiques Semester 3 Subjects 

  1. Financial Management 
  2. Management of Financial Services
  3. Managerial Communication 
  4. International Trade (Theory & Practice) Semester 4 Subjects 

  1. Elementsbof Income Tax
  2. E- commerce 
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions
  4. Research and Internships

M.Com Compulsory Subjects 

  1. Organisation Behavior 
  2. Economics Analysis
  3. International Business 
  4. Corporate Tax Planning 
  5. Financial Markets
  6. Financial Management and Policy
  7. Strategic Management 
  8. Statistical Analysis 
  9. Business Environment 
  10. Marketing Management 
  11. Advertising and Management in sales
  12. Accounting Practices and Theory 
  13. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 
  14. Business Environment and Decisions
  15. Managerial Accounts
  16. Research Methodology in Commerce 
  17. Consumer Behavior 

M.Com Optional Subjects 

  1. Banking & Finance 
  2. Human Resource Management 
  3. Entrepreneurial  Management 
  4. Financial Bank Management 
  5. International Finances
  6. Investment & Management 
  7. Financial Market
  8. Quantitative Techniques of Business Decisions

Job after Commerce 

You can make a career in the following fields after studying commerce. 

  1. CA (Chartered Accountant)
  2.  Marketing Manager
  3.  Investment Banker
  4.  Human resource manager
  5.  Chartered Financial Analyst
  6.  Certified Public Accountant
  7.  Cost accountant
  8.  Business Account Add and Taxation
  9.  Retail manager
  10.  Company secretary
  11.  Personal financial advisor
  12.  Research analyst
  13.  Fussy
  14.  Chief Executive Officer (CEO))
  15. Bank Manager
  16. Company Secretary 
  17. Financial Analyst 
  18. Financial Planner
  19. Investment Analyst 
  20. Portfolio Manager


In today’s article, you learned about commerce subjects. Today you have learned which subjects have to be studied in commerce in class 11th? What are the things taught in commerce in class 12th?

Along with this, you also learned that what subjects we have to study after doing bachelor degree with commerce.  Which subjects have to be studied in commerce to get the same master’s degree.

 I hope you have got information about all the things related to commerce subject by reading our today’s article. If you liked our today’s article, then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any question in your mind then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box.

  Thank you 

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